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Young Urban Professional

YUP offers you all the stylings and comforts of a boutique hotel at friendly motel-prices.

How do we do it? By keeping it simple where it makes sense and making it luxurious where it counts. Less unnecessary stuff means more of the good stuff. We’re curvy in all the right places.

YUP wants you to be self-absorbed. Expect more. Greed is good. It’s OK to be greedy for comfort. In fact, we think it would be weird to expect anything else.

Style is key, not just to our cabins but to every clever little detail we created for your delight.

Being average is not an option. Don’t settle for ‘more or less’.

Settle into your YUP Cabin for some cleverly arranged, stylishly luxurious comfort.

Settle down in our YUP lobby for a coffee, a drink, a bite to eat or a casual flick through our fancy magazines.

Settle down at Paste e Pane, our Italian restaurant for a ‘shared dining’ experience with seasonal, artisanal dishes, complimentary small plates and luxurious homemade desserts to share with your tablemates/buddies/posse/love interest.